Carbotura Zero-Fill

Carbotura Zero-Fill Services is an industrial-scale, self-powered waste conversion technology that utilizes industrial multiphase microwave reactors, with both thermal and non-thermal microwave plasma reactors. Our technology is self-powered and does not require external power or water, making it the most efficient and cost-effective solution for waste management. Carbotura Zero-Fill service also creates jobs and saves money for municipalities and corporations. Carbotura Zero-Fill services are unique and a proprietary service that is not available from any other company or vendor. Services are based on our proprietary technology, known as the Recyclotron, capable of recycling 100% of unsorted municipal solid waste (MSW) and converting it into valuable materials, all while achieving zero-emissions and has a carbon negative footprint.

Carbotura Zero-Fill provides a turn-key solution that requires no investment from the customer.  Carbotura provides all the capital, operations, and maintenance for the duration of the contract. The service is charged at competitive rates per ton of waste elimination, and clients can qualify for annual rebates of up to 100% of any fees for zero-cost waste elimination.  Carbotura does this by monetizing the climate credits and materials sales, which are attributed to the client, and applies them as part of the rebate.